Commitment to Service

Being committed to our clients starts with a genuine desire to help them make good financial decisions and retire with dignity. We use an objective, independent and research driven approach to always do what is in the best interest of our clients.

No Matter how big or small, every business should be able to offer its employees a retirement plan as a part of its benefit package. What type of plan is the right fit for your employees? We can help you make this important decision.


Fiduciary Services

  •  Experts on fiduciary rules
  •  Fiduciary consulting
  •  Assist with fiduciary requirements
  •  Comprehensive education for plan sponsors and participants
  •  Suggest proper asset allocation
  •  Evaluate investment performance
  •  Full disclosure of cost and fees
  •  Comprehensive quarterly reports
  •  Plan Benchmarking
  •  Assist with preparing Requests for Proposal (RFP)
  •  Institute prudent procedures

Custom Plans

  •  401(k) Plans
  •  403(b) Plans
  •  457 Plans
  •  Defined Benefits Plans
  •  Cash Balance Plans